Aleisha Rethnaraj, (pursuing Law at Help University)

My journey at Maverick International Secondary School begun in 2013, and it was truly an amazing journey throughout. Teachers were so welcoming and I enjoyed studying there as my teachers were really passionate at what they do and has made learning fun. The teachers really did take importance in their students well being and has put in dedication in ensuring we understood a particular topic. The school environment was pleasant and comfortable which did make a huge difference in terms of learning. I have successfully graduated from Maverick International Secondary School with the constant push and moral support from my teachers and till today, the values still remain in me.

Avvy Ho (extracted from Facebook page)

Both my sons recently joined Maverick year 8, 6 months ago In this short period i notice some changes in my sons behaviour. They talk a lot about school stuff at home. They looked forward going to school. Maverick has created an environment that is fun for kids. They don't only look at academic results, they make efforts on after school activities and sports too. All study and no play is dull. I can see your teachers are caring yet professional as well.

I sincerely thank Maverick for the good care, efforts, passion and love that you all put in. Keep it up!!!

Clemence Lam (extracted from Facebook page)

Maverick is an amazing school,I've graduated from Maverick two years ago and I really enjoy studying here.The teachers in Maverick are supportive,considerate and responsible.They have made learning more fun and enjoyable. I would not be where I am today without Maverick.I am eternally grateful.

Lok Hoong Fei (pursuing Foundation in Science)

Somewhere around 2013 I started studying in Maverick International Secondary School . Class was amazing as it was small and you could get the attention of the teachers. Since the school was small, we as student got lots of flexibility which was one of the best things I liked about Maverick International Secondary School, since I was that type of person who was very active and could not really stay focus in a dull environment. Maverick International Secondary School has also given me the opportunity to start a basketball team. From the basketball team, I have really learnt a lot of stuff that could not be learnt in a class. Best of luck Maverick International Secondary School!

Neerjang Lama (extracted from Facebook page)

My daughter Esha Lama studied here in Year 7. She made wonderful friends. Teachers at Maverick take extremely good care of the academic and personal needs of every student at and out of school. The management is very helpful and has all its interests vested in the well being of the students. Sending my daughter to Maverick was indeed a wise decision and we can see the positive growth and transformation in our child Esha. Thank you team Maverick!

Rachel Yu (pursuing Arts on full scholarship)

I attended Maverick International Secondary School during my final years of secondary school and it was a propitious experience for me. I joined the school when it was rather new but despite this, my foundation was properly built with the help of my teachers who put in time and effort. I took 8 subjects for my IGCSEs and passed with flying colours (3A*s, 3As and 2Bs). I'm currently studying foundation in arts on a full scholarship from the university. Without the supportive environment I had, I would not have been able to achieve my results and certainly would not be where I am today. No matter the size of the school, it's the environment that matters.

Shelley Chong (pursuing Mass Communication)

I have been studying in Maverick International Secondary School since September 2014. I can say teachers in this school taught me a lot. Not only education but also the reality of the world. I was not good at my studies but in fact very poor. But my class teacher had never given up on me and continued to teach me with his whole heart. I really liked going to school during my schooling days as well. Really grateful to all the teachers having so much patience with me as I was a troublesome kid.

Shima Devi (extracted from Facebook page)

Maverick has very good n caring teachers. I would like thank all the teachers who taught my son. He improved a lot. Maverick is a very good school.

Sushil Thiyagarajan (pursuing Law at Northumbria University, Newcastle)

Maverick International Secondary School gave me something that I had always yearned for, passionate teachers. At Maverick International Secondary School you learn more not because you need to but because you want to. I.G.C.S.E is an amazing platform to start one's journey towards their dream and the best teachers who are experienced and dedicated are found in Maverick International Secondary School. Maverick International Secondary School was more than just a school to me and I am happy to hear, just like a real family it is still growing.

Vignasa Kumar (pursuing Bachelor in Science - Forestry at Southern Illinois University, Illinois)

I graduated in 2014. Maverick International Secondary School made the impossible, possible for me which was, enjoying learning. Having very passionate and caring teachers contributed majorly. We had a great time studying there as it was very flexible and fun. Our teachers supported us no matter what we struggled in and advised us well so that we had a promising future. Even though my time there was only for a year, I would not have come this far without the experience gained in Maverick International Secondary School.


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