Maverick International Secondary School supplements its wholistic education with wide range of extra-curricular activities (ECA) such as robotics, karate-do, media club, lego club, E-sports club, basketball, futsal and many more through its affiliate company - Maverich Learning Sdn Bhd. We aim to make learning fun and exciting while developing our children's sportsmanship traits, survival skills, maturity as well as maintaining a good emotional state.

Board Games Club (recommended for upper primary and secondary)

The board games club aims to expose our students to various board games such as chess, backgammon, checkers etc. Board games help children develop logic and reasoning skills, improve critical thinking and boost spatial reasoning. Regular practice and activity improve these basic skills, which is important for child's development.

Craftattack (recommended for both primary and secondary)

Craft-attack is an extremely fun way of turning waste, recyclables and household objects into work of art. An array of easy, thought-provoking and educational activities is lined up for students to indulge in. Simultaneously, students learn to explore culture, science and math. Upon completion, students will have the opportunity to share their artwork with peers, friends and family.

Debate Club (recommended for upper primary and secondary)

The debate club creates a platform for students to develop essential critical thinking skills – the ability to make reasoned and well thought out arguments in addition to questioning the evidence behind a stance or conclusion. We aim to boost confidence and enhance general knowledge too.

Drum circle (recommended for upper primary and secondary)

A drum circle is any group of people playing hand-drums and percussion in a circle. They are distinct from a drumming group or troupe in that the drum circle is an end in itself rather than preparation for a performance. The club has generated interest even in children with special educational needs because it allows them to channel their energy healthily.

Electronics (recommended for upper primary and secondary)

The electronics club exposes students to development boards such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi and works on their programming language such as C-language and Python. Students will be building robots from scratch using electronic components and coding the robots to carry out tasks. Skills such as coding, problem solving, teamwork and creativity will all be part of the process in this class. Students are exposed to basic engineering through these classes and will help them greatly in exposing them to subjects such as Physics and Mathematics.

Hip- hop Dance(recommended for both primary and secondary)

Hip-hop is an upbeat urban style of dance that is forever evolving. This high energy class consists of rap, hip-hop and pop sounds, focusing on musicality and rhythm. Contemporary is an extremely artistic style of dance. With MC, a professional dancer and finalist in the 'Battleground' competition Malaysia, hip - hop dance classes can never go wrong! Students of any age are welcomed to join. MC and his team have it all covered for you.

Interact Club (recommended for upper primary and secondary)

If you want to learn the value of community service, meet other people, make new friends and see places, then join the Interact Club. Here is where members can learn through service activities. Interactors learn the importance of developing leadership skills and personal integrity, demonstrating helpfulness and respect for others, and advancing international understanding and goodwill. Under the guidance of Rotary Club, the Interact club will be exposed to various charitable activities

Karate (recommended for upper primary and secondary)

Karate is one of the most practical martial arts/self defense system to learn. Though not necessarily just for beginners, it is all-purpose, simple and easy to learn, and above all, very effective self defense system. Training with it trains the whole body; not just the legs or not merely the upper body. Besides that, it trains students to be fit and disciplined. These traits help maintain decorum and poise all the time.

Lego Club (recommended for lower primary)

Lego Club is established to provide a fun environment for the younger students to help with stimulating and developing spatial intelligence. Creatively, students will build vehicles, buildings, gears and whatever leaps into their imaginations. This club is an excellent opportunity to offer your child a time to unwind, create, innovate and collaborate! Our teachers will equip students with instruction manuals and assistance while they design and build!

Lego Robotics (recommended for upper primary)

If you want your kids to think like scientists and engineers, then Lego Robotics is the club for them! With the help of Science and Mathematics, students will build, test and programme robots using C-language, through a programme called 'Scratch'. If you must know, 'Coding' is now the way to go! Good character develops when students are teamed to work on a project together!

Literacy Club (recommended for upper primary and secondary)

Helping someone to read and write effectively or acquire the basic math skills so many of us take for granted, improves the future of everyone in society. Literacy is critical to economic development as well as individual and community well-being. The club serves to identify students facing difficulty with literacy and work on helping them improve in the area.

Media Club (recommended for upper primary and secondary)

The club aims to nurture young journalists and photographers with a passion in writing and photography. The club is responsible in covering the school's events throughout the year, writing articles and producing a school magazine, annually.

Play Dough (recommended for lower primary)

Those tiny hand muscles and tendons need to build up some strength! The playdough club is the perfect medium for this purpose alongside with developing imaginative play because it can represent so many things. Fret not about the mess because that's the only thing which makes it so fun! Come squish, smoosh, squash, squeeze, roll, flatten, chop, cut, score, rake, punch, poke and shred dough, together! And oh yeah, these actions work your hand-eye coordination, too.

Speech & Drama (recommended for both primary and secondary)

Speech and drama offers children the opportunity to master techniques and skills necessary for effective communication while loving every minute of learning. We teach communication, problem-solving and group dynamics skills through the exciting medium of drama tools such as poetry, theatre, mime, puppetry, role-play, masks, story-telling, reading aloud and creative writing, creating an environment that promotes the use of imagination and creativity, and enjoyment of rhythm, sound and language. The students will work on a piece to be presented on Maverick International Secondary School. 'Awards and Validation Night!'

Spelling Bee Club (recommended for upper primary and secondary)

Spelling is important because it aids in reading. It helps cement the connection that is shared between sounds and letters. Learning high frequency sight words also has been shown to help with both reading and writing. The club also aims to help students spell with the concept of phonics and hopefully, send them for competitions when they become ready for them!

Sports Club (recommended for upper primary and secondary)

This club comprises basketball, netball, futsal and badminton. Training sessions are held weekly and the teams will be sent to represent the school in tournaments and competitions. This club is designed to keep our students on their toes, fit and at the same time, foster leadership and team work qualities.


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