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The Master Minds have started Maverick Schools a decade ago (year 2011) and form formidable foundations for the Maverick Group to be built on. With their vast experience in education and being experts in their respective fields, they form an impeccable team. They have built on a learning centre with only 10 learners and 4 educators (being themselves) to now, an organisation with over 100 employees having its core operations in the education industry together with other fields such as food & beverages, robotics & AI engineering, sports arena, real estate, agriculture and many more.

Vincent Yee

Chairman of Maverick Schools
Chairman of MISS
Co-founder of Maverick Group

Mike Mahendran

Chief Operating Officer of Maverick Schools
Co-founder of Maverick Group

Sangeeta Kaur

Principal of MISS
Co-founder of Maverick Group

Ginnie Chock

Chairperson of Maverick International Primary School, Semenyih.
Co-founder of Maverick Group

Kauthamraja Naidu

Principal of MIPS